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What makes NEAT Gin different?

1. NEAT Gin is designed to be enjoyed neat.

2. Our story.

Tasting Notes

NEAT Gin is an extremely versatile London Dry Gin containing eight botanicals, carefully balanced to work in harmony with each other giving a nose that is both  floral and woody. The mouthfeel is smooth and creamy giving notes of citrus and spice with a lengthy finish.


NEAT shot (-18) or on the rocks.

For more serve ideas see here.


Actor Adam Woodyatt and his wife Beverley have always enjoyed Gin and have been watching the market grow to become the number one drink of choice in the UK. Whether it is the leading brand to a small producer, Adam has tasted and enjoyed many offerings but has always found that he was missing something with his drink of choice.


Last year, Adam and Beverly decided to experiment and booked in a visit to a local distillery. They found a 15th Century recipe and used that as their starting point, there was a list of botanicals but no quantities. It was like a jigsaw without a picture. Over the following months they tried different combinations, constantly tasting and testing until the eleven botanicals became eight.


They knew they had created a wonderful drink but wanted to take it further. Adam and Beverly decided to invite friends, family and professionals within the industry to taste their Gin and they were overwhelmed with the response. This encouragement spurred them on to make the Gin available to everyone.


The Gin is now sold online and in select stores and is stocked at some of the best Gin Bars (Jenever Gin Bar Liverpool), venues (London Hippodrome Casino) and numerous restaurants including two Michelin starred Tom Kerridge’s Hand and Flowers where it is the Gin used to make their Vesper Martini.


Not only do we have a great product, the story behind NEAT is unique. Many products, including drinks, which are endorsed by celebrities are simply that, endorsed. Adam has been the creator of the product and nurtured NEAT from creation in the distillery through to labelling the bottles by hand. Not one decision regarding NEAT has been taken without Adam and Beverley’s oversight.

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