NEAT, neat! - NEAT Gin
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Whisky, vodka – so many spirits are enjoyed neat. But not gin! We have set out to change that!

The history of gin gives a clue as to why this versatile spirit is not enjoyed neat. In its early history, between 1695 and 1735, gin was unlicensed. Production boomed in an unregulated market. The result was a substantial volume of poor quality produce. In later life, as late as the early 20th century, gin was flavoured with turpentine. It is therefore no surprise as to why gin is traditionally served with a mixer.

However, the rise of artisan high quality gins, like NEAT Gin, has paved the way for a revolution in gin drinking. NEAT Gin is distilled in the highest quality copper still to give it a smooth taste.

When exhibiting up and down the country customers of NEAT Gin are amazed when tasting it neat. Taken back by its smooth taste and aromatic nose.




  • 25ml or 50ml NEAT Gin
  • A dash of water
  • Lots of ice
  • Add cucumber