NEAT Gin Update
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This week at NEAT Gin…

Another epic week for NEAT Gin!

John Gordons / Drinks Agency Launch

We have taken NEAT Gin online! Customers can now buy NEAT Gin from the Drinks Agency (see here). This is a massive milestone for NEAT Gin.
We started the week signing 100 bottles for the Drinks Agency launch (there is still a chance for you to get your hands on the signed bottles just visit the Drinks Agency website) (see here).

Second Distil

This week also saw our second distil! We have another 550 bottles ready to go (almost)!

 Restaurant 56

Our delivery boy Adam (the boss likes to keep busy) was out on his rounds too! Delivering NEAT Gin to the amazing Restaurant 56.



The real boss, Beverley Woodyatt, joined Adam – making sure he kept to his delivery schedule!

Fizzy Moon

Finally, Friday saw NEAT Gin meet with Fizzy Moon, Leamington Spa. What an amazing venue it is.
We can’t wait to see NEAT Gin behind the bar at this brilliant location – joining the extensive range of Gin (over 100 Gins!!) that is already on offer.
We are looking forward to enjoying NEAT Gin with one of their signature tonics.

Next Week

Even more exciting things to come next week.
Keep an eye out here for all the latest updates. You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.