Our Thanks - NEAT Gin
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Our Thanks

We really couldn’t have got this far without the help and support of our friends, how you have put up with us going on and on about Gin I’ll never know. Everyone has helped in some way but these guys went above and beyond and we will always be grateful.

  • Craig for introducing us to Paul.
  • Paul, Graham, Jamie and everyone at 45 West, you really did make this possible.
  • Jimmy, Iain, Andrea and everyone at the Hippodrome Casino.
  • The Matt Matt’s for all their legal advice.
  • Jessie and Sam for correcting my spelling and grammar!
  • Benbow for his constant help with tasting and Suzi for driving him home!
  • Richard who will forever be known as the labelling machine!

Final thanks goes to Fe Boughton who still hasn’t tried NEAT Gin but gave us the best quote ever.

Thank you.


Adam & Beverley xx